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    Colorrado Theological Seminary

    I work with a lot couples and use Arno Profile System exclusively. The A.P.S. helps people get through the weeds of a relationship and helps untangle the parts of the relationship that were once thought to be a reason to leave.


    The A.P.S helps a person delight in themself so they can delight in the spouse.


    I can't imagine a marriage ministry without the A.P.S..


    Knowing my temperament and my bride's temperament keeps our marriage vibrant. 

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     End Time Ministries International

    I have been an International Representative of SACC for the past 20 years.  During these years I have counseled hundreds of people.  I have done many APS profiles.  Taught others how to use the system.


    Many couples have reunited their marriage vows.  Last year 2 couples showed me their divorce papers.  Thanks to the Lord they are happily married.

    God has done many amazing miracles through Creation Therapy and Created in God's image curriculum.  


    These resources have made a powerful impact on the lives of many people including foreign pastors and leaders.

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    New Creations Counseling Center

    To begin with temperament therapy as a whole is really the key that unlocked the way I understand people as a Bible believer and also as a scientist. It sheds so much light on the nature/nurture debate and I believe it to be so truthful in its approach to understanding people.


    As for the A.P.S. itself, I've found it to be the most effective tool while trying to help people with whatever problem they come to me with. It's accuracy is amazing and gives me the ability to get straight to the issues that need addressed in the lives of my clients.


    Without the A.P.S. I don't think counseling could be nearly as efficient from my perspective.

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    Art Director

    I was doing premarital counseling for a couple. He was very nervous and uncertain about getting married. 

    After discussing the results of their APS he was ready and excited. 

    His anxiety was do to guilt. His temperament makes him need alone time, therefore he was afraid that she would be offended that he sometimes needed to be alone rather than spending every moment with his new bride snuggled up on the coach.


    He learned that she has the same need. they also had several other points in common but this is the one that he was most worried about. They have been happily married now for about 5 years and have children.

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     End Time Ministries International

    The APS  has been an awesome tool for couples and individuals during coaching and counseling.

    One of the most dramatic experiences for me, and life changing for a client was when she learned that there was a temperament  called "Supine". She rated a Supine in the area if Social.


    According to her, she was never understood, and/or accepted  by her family which was emotionally painful for  her.

    Overtime, she shared details to her family about the Supine in Social which made their relationship much better.

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    Art Director

    The APS report and the trickling affects on my life, are multifold...but the most remarkable has been...

    1. The ongoing remarks from clients have been encouraging when they express...”Sir, I have experienced many, many counseling sessions before, but I have learned more in the first session with you, than I have learned if you totaled all previous counseling sessions together.”

    2. REGARDING MY MARRIAGE: In my current marriage, I am a better servant of God and husband because of what I have come to know, accept and understand about myself. This however, in combination with what I understood about my fiancé premarital, gave me Clarity about her becoming my wife.  In other words, the clinical  information drawn from the report itself impacted my decision and has proven to be a real blessing. The result of the APS summary report has been invaluable in that it continues to be the harness that sustains understanding and peace in our marital relationship.

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    Emmaus Abbey Church & Centre for Christian Counseling

    I cannot say enough about the Arno Profile System (APS) and its effectiveness clinically in pastoral counseling. My experience in administering the APS to clients has allowed me immediate insights into a clients issues. The APS' design is to quickly reach into the clients intellectual energies, maturity in decision making and their ability to communicate their affections, their love in deep relationships. The counselor can easily determine the approach he/she needs to take in developing a biblical plan to resolve the root emotional issues spiritually. My approach is to take the clinical results of the APS, the disclosure of the clients spiritual issues and align them scripturally with Gods Word to start the inner healing in the lives of the broken hearted.    


    Senior Pastor

    APS has been an integral component of my Christian counseling practice. I conduct testing at the onselt of care. It allows my clients to begin to work through the process of conforming their self-view to the image of God while in counseling. It also helps them to have a sounder biblical view of themselves, their circumstances and issues that caused them to enter into counseling. 


    Understanding their true identity in Christ also gives them direction in life while helping them to have an effective plan for self-management and life choices.


    Through the APS testing, I have the opportunity to experience seeing my clients move from hopeless, anxious, stressed, depressed and confused, to purposeful, focused, confident and joyful in Christ's investment in them through the finished work of the cross and his design for their future.  I have many clients who've gained greater clarity in their career path, learn how to manage their emotions, set healthier boundaries, get out of abusive relationships, and get free from prescription medications. 


    It has been an awesome journey to see these lives change through gaining a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ according to God's plan. The work that we are able to accomplish by using the APS testing would otherwise take months, if not longer for progress. APS testing sets a firm foundation for my clients to trust God through the counseling process. Thanks, APS for being a partner with me in changing lives.


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