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Book Review

Mending The Net

By Doug Stringer

In 1981, Doug Stringer was a fitness instructor running his own exercise studio. He knew there was a God…but he lived as if God didn’t exist. Tired of his hypocrisy and disgusted with his life, he sat down one night and prayed, “Lord, if You can use someone like me after all I have done to wound Your heart, I make myself available to You.”

God listened and immediately started to send needy people to Doug. Runaways. Strippers. Drug addicts. Homeless people. And Doug’s ministry, Somebody Cares, was born.

Mending the Net: Bringing Hope in a Hurting World is the story of how one man with a servant’s heart was led to help others with the basic necessities of life while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Doug’s ministry has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings, now reaching tens of thousands of people around the world who are dealing with personal crises or disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, or floods. Through it all, what has not changed was Doug’s firm belief that we are all called to show the lost and hurting that Somebody Cares and be part of the mended net that saves souls with love and compassion.

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