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Book Review

Letter from a Skeptic

by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd

In Letters from a Skeptic, Dr. Gregory A. Boyd, former atheist turned believer, is corresponding with his father regarding his father's reservations about his son's new found faith. Dr. Boyd's responses to his father are both thoughtful and intelligent and will be relatable to all of us who at times had questions of our own. It is very biblically based and addresses current issues that are facing each and every one of us who are on this side of eternity. It could also be useful for counselors who might find themselves being faced with these very questions from their clients, having this resource to point them to.

The next book is, "Marriage 101". In this book, Rev. Sewell gives insights into the scriptural side of marriage from his 30+ years of experience. He states that since marriage is a covenant relationship that was instituted by God, it stands to reason that a clear biblical perspective is needed, and this book is just that. This is a great reference for couples who are preparing to be married and also for those who are needing to go back to the basics and again awaken the love they had for their spouse in the beginning. Marriage 102 is also in the works!

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