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Book Review

You Are Not a Car or Are You?

By: Brad Ellingson

In his book "You Are Not A Car, Or Are You?" Brad breaks down how our bodies are very much like the system

of a car, and outlines each chapter on how we can better take care of our "engine" to optimize our performance.

Whimsical and quick to the point, this book brings a smile to your face with it's colorful and catchy illustrations

that grab your attention. Brad has many gold nuggets on exercise, supplements, fasting and a variety of topics that

we all can use to better our wellness and lifestyle, all in one place!

The next book is, "Marriage 101". In this book, Rev. Sewell gives insights into the scriptural side of marriage from his 30+ years of experience. He states that since marriage is a covenant relationship that was instituted by God, it stands to reason that a clear biblical perspective is needed, and this book is just that. This is a great reference for couples who are preparing to be married and also for those who are needing to go back to the basics and again awaken the love they had for their spouse in the beginning. Marriage 102 is also in the works!

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