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(Q) How long does it take to finish the course Creation Therapy?

(A) Creation Therapy generally takes a candidate approximately 40 hours to complete. Since this is a self paced study, you choose how much time you can devote to the completion of Creation Therapy.

(Q) Can I teach Creation Therapy in my school or church?

(A) Yes. Once you have finished Creation Therapy and become a member of the S.A.C.C. you can apply to become an International Representative. As an International Representative, you receive the material at a discounted rate, have access to teachers guides, pop quizzes and other material that will assist you in teaching Creation Therapy in a classroom setting, webinar format or distance education setting.


For over fifteen years I have utilized the Arno Profile System report to help over 700 people, understand who God created them to be. The APS is extremely accurate, affordable and easy for my clients to complete, which is a counselors' dream come true.

Roger Boehm., D.C.C., Ph.D

Center for Christian Counseling & Training


For me it was a great honor to be part of the educational process in Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (S.A.C.C.) and at the same time a big privilege to cooperate with qualified and dedicated individuals. Along with this privilege comes the responsibility. Today as a regular member of (S.A.C.C.), I am especially thankful that through Creation Therapy and the Arno Profile System – APS, I can successfully help my clients in the Republic of Macedonia. If something has meaning in life, if something is really worth doing that is the thing we do for others.

M.A. Dragan B. Blazhevski
Skopje - R. Macedonia

The Arno Profile System report is a very insightful tool. We have seen tremendous succcess in utilizing the APS report in marriage counseling as well as assisting those who struggle with poor self-image. Learning how God created each of us helps us understand each other from God's persepctive. Learning how to give and receive grace and mercy is a turning point in every person's walk with the Lord.  Words cannot express how transformational this tool is, when we can see every person as one of God's unique creations!

Chandy P.


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