Master in Temperament Coaching
30 Credit Hours

This Course of Study only requires two courses beyond the CTLC Certification:

1. Specialty Coaching Tutorial  Course 
2. Thesis Course 

Certified Temperament Life Coaching Courses:

basic life coaching 

This is the introductory course which explores the new field of Christian Life Coaching and the application of Temperament to this form of helping ministry.

intermediate Life Coaching 

This course builds on the concepts presented in the Basic Course and explores the various specialties or niches that may be developed by the student as they prepare for their coaching ministry.

Advanced Life coaching 

This course is designed to assist the student to define their specialties or niches within the context of an Action Plan that will enable them to launch their Temperament Life Coaching Ministry.

Stress fractures 

This course explores stress and the ways stress can impact the life coaching process. The course defines stress and addresses how stress affects both the client and the coach within an understanding of Temperament Theory.


The Practicum provides the student with experiential learning opportunities which include live video-conference sessions with a mentor.

Each student works with 15 clients under supervision in a mix of individual, group and technology-based sessions