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Created in God's Image teaches accountability for each individual's actions and helps the reader understand who God created him or her to be. Our primary goal for providing this book is to help understand the mysteries of God's wonderful creation of the human race. It teaches how His wonderful plan, for us as individuals, works and how it can cause every person to be happy and fulfilled during this life. It will aid you in developing and maintaining relationships with others, especially with the Lord Jesus Christ. Included in this study is a Special Personal Profile and a certificate of completion. Church leadership, high school seniors and leadership groups of any organization can greatly benefit from this study. Upon earning a passing grade on the final exam, a certificate of completion is issued.

The purpose of this study is to:

1. Provide the student with the Biblical, historic and scientific background of the theory of temperament and to provide evidence of the validity of this theory as a guide to understanding human behavior from a Christian perspective.

2. Teach the student the general behavior patterns of each temperament, how it affects every aspect of all our lives, and how to use this information to develop and maintain human relationships.

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