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Board Meeting


​After your initial consultation, diving deep into website requirements with your designer will provide a strong foundation for the success of the project. Discuss due dates, configure shared document access, and establish communication channels. Below is a list of the few discussed items in the foundation consultation. If more information is needed your designer will provide supplemental details in the initial consultation. 

  • Set Up Google Account + Google Business Account

  • Go over Google Drive

    • This is where documents, images, and the content will be accessed and shared.

  • Logo and Branded images

  • Finalize Pricing

    • WIX Fees

    • Package Fee

  • Establish Communication Channel


Your designer will provide dates based on your timeline of when certain content will be needed. If content editing is applicable, you will be notified and edited content will require approval from you, prior to publishing.


Please review the content requirements on the next page prior to the Initial Consultation.

Next Step: Finding Content Requirements

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