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How to Become an International Representative


A member who holds the title of International Representative has been called to lead others into the ministry of temperament counseling. Educating students through Creation Therapy and Created In God’s Image provides the strongest foundation to support a student’s success in temperament counseling. Through this title the IR can develop their own education program while expanding what their ministry has to offer.  


FAQ’s About Being an International Representative


  • How Much Can I Charge for Courses?

    • You can charge whatever amount you want! You will receive a discount on our textbooks but keep in mind your costs when developing pricing. 

      • Include your time, cost of operation, if you require a student to do APS Reports, etc.

  • Does Sarasota Academy Offer Scholarships for IR Students?

    • No, when a student is under an IR that student is under your ministry/school. Upon completion of Creation Therapy, a Transfer Form is required for the student to then apply for Membership. 

  • How Do I Get Students ?

    • Enrolling students will rely solely on you! We encourage you to develop business cards, flyers, etc.. If allowed, place them at church, schools, or workplaces.  You can also utilize social media such as Facebook or Instagram etc. to advertise your ministry. Your website will be an advertising platform so ensure your website is functional, engaging, and accessible! 

      • We do offer Ministry Marketing which includes website design as well as Branding Materials. (CLICK HERE)

  • What Benefits Do I Have?

    • Detailed benefits can be found (HERE)


How to Enroll a Student 


When you are ready to enroll your first student you will use the Learn Online Portal. This will give the student online access to their coursework, but we do offer printed textbooks, workbooks, and code of ethics material. 


 (Click Here) for Learn Online Tutorial. 


Once the student completes their course you will submit an IR Transfer Form as well as a Membership Application. 


Payment is sent via a link after completion of forms and acceptance by Sarasota Academy.


Button for Both Forms Here



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